Playboy Radio Podcasts
Our Current Line Up:
Ask The Doc
 Fridays, 11am - 12pm PT
Playboy Morning Show
 Monday-Thursday, 9-10am PT
The Playboy Advisor
 Mondays, 7-8pm PT
Crazy, Sexy, Love... with Simone and Adrian
 Fridays, 1-2pm PT
Swing with Holli & Michael
 Monday-Friday, 1-2pm PT
Mansion Mayhem
 Mondays, 12-1pm PT
Sexy Beast with Andrea Lowell
 Monday's 11am PT
The Panic Switch with Charis B
 Wednesdays 2-3pm
Funny Bunny with Dani Mathers
 Wednesdays 1-2pm
Hot & Heavy
 Wednesdays, 11am PT
Play With Me
 Tuesday's, 11am-12pm PT
Just For The Articles
 Thursday's, 12pm-1pm PT
 Fridays, 12-1pm PT
The Playboy Radio Interview
 Podcast Only
Head Games
 Fridays, 3-4pm PT
Special Features:
Playboy Radio Exclusives
 Podcast Only
Playmates Present
 Podcast Only
The Playboy Radio Vault:
The Real Ally Show
 Podcast Only
Miller and Mailhouse
 Podcast Only
Hooking Up
 Podcast Only
Under Cover with Suzy McCoppin
 Podcast Only
Playboy's Playbook
 Podcast Only
In Bed
 Podcast Only
Bad Girls with Natalie Nunn
 Podcast Only
Playboy Radio En Espanol:
Playboy Radio Por La Manana
 Podcast Only
Mala Noche No
 Podcast Only